1920s  Sequin Embellished Turban

1920s Sequin Embellished Turban

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This 1920s  Sequin Embellished Turban  is a favorite amongst women who want to add uplift their outfit with a touch of glam that is not overpowering. The fabric is stretchy, light, and comfortable with a soft metallic undertone that compliments your sparkly personality.

The best part? This turban is designed to be worn ‘as is’! . Each turban was designed with comfort, style, and wearability in mind, so there is absolutely no trying or closing involved. Simply place the turban on your head and you’re good to go!



❥ One size (fits most women)

❥ No pins, no hassle! Simply put it on!

❥ May be washed by hand with gentle soap please air dry.


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