About us

👒 Welcome to Rona Handmade Turbans! Impeccable fashion that empowers women worldwide 👒

The story of ‘Rona Handmade Turbans’ begins shortly after I got married. As a religious woman who keeps with tradition, I needed to cover my long blonde hair. I wanted to honor my tradition and religious codes, but I did not want to lose my identity or sense of self expression. I had always been interested in high fashion and the latest trends, so when I couldn’t find the perfect turban - I decided to create it myself!

Today, my turbans are worn worldwide by women of all races and religions and from all walks of life, which couldn’t make me more proud.  I am humbled to be able to connect women from all over the world through fashion and staying true to one’s self. My pieces are all designed with strong women in mind, and how to accessorize to make them feel more confident and empowered, with utmost priority given to the sense of style and fashion.

I am especially humbled that my pieces have touched the lives of so many women who are going through or have undergone chemotherapy. To be a part of one’s healing journey has brought me great strength and inspiration. I have been told that with each colorful headpiece I create, I allow recovering women to feel a little like themselves again, and be able to add some character, color, and personality during an otherwise dark time.

All of my pieces are created in house, by myself and my team of seamstresses. We are all full-time moms with a passion for creativity and making pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful. My pieces are made from high quality fabrics that are soft to the touch - and most importantly, are super easy to wear! One simply has to put it on (no pins, no need to tie, no hassle!).

Thank you very much for visiting my shop!

If you have any questions or just want to say hi - please send me a an email! You may also visit us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2an4KeV